Left to right: Romel Salcedo, physical therapist assistant; Ronald Crnek; Annie Phillips, his significant other; and Victoria Ogundipe, physical therapist

Ronald Crnek is a musician and entertainer who has been featured on YouTube with the Newport Harbor Elks (under the name Ron Allen).


He is now also a graduate of rehabilitation therapy at La Habra Convalescent Hospital.


Recurrent sepsis brought Crnek to the skilled nursing and rehab center on Jan. 17, 2019, unable to walk or stand or dress himself. The infection had also left him needing extensive assistance with bed mobility, bathing and sitting balance.


Physical and occupational therapists met with Crnek five days a week to restore his strength, mobility and ability to take care of himself.


PT worked with him on leg strength, bed mobility, his ability to transfer (such as from a bed to a chair) and walking. As he made progress, the therapists made his exercises even more challenging, having him get in and out of a car and walk on uneven surfaces, stairs and curbs.


Meanwhile, the OT team focused on strengthening Crnek’s upper body, empowering him to do home care tasks such as washing himself, grooming and getting dressed.


By the end of Crnek’s stay, he was independent in much of his mobility and activities of daily living and needed mere supervision with others.


“La Habra has marvelous people,” said Crnek. “I will recommend La Habra Convalescent Hospital to my friends and family and would definitely come back for nursing care.”


Crnek returned home on Feb. 8.