Left to right: Victoria Ogundipe, physical therapist; Consuelo Lesso; Lilian Aceves, occupational therapist assistant; and Grace Ann Real, occupational therapist

Consuelo Lesso was visiting Mexico when she fell and fractured her pelvis on both sides.


Lesso was unable to walk or take care of herself when she came to La Habra Convalescent Hospital in La Habra, California, on Feb. 11, 2019. At first, she was skeptical of what her time in a “nursing home” would be like, but as time passed, she grew fond of the nursing staff and the therapists.


Physical and occupational therapists met with Lesso five days a week to help her increase her strength and mobility. PT worked with her on bed mobility, transferring from one surface to another, walking and eventually even stairs so she would be ready to return home to her husband.


Meanwhile, OT did therapeutic activities with Lesso and trained her in self-care. OTs taught her how to use adaptive equipment to increase her safety and maximize her independence.


“La Habra is God’s blessing to me,” said Lesso.


In less than a month, Lesso was able to return home. She left the facility on March 6, independent in her bed mobility, sitting balance and grooming tasks and at a supervision level for walking, transfers, standing balance, bathing and dressing.